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pinkflutterbys's Journal

16 September 1990
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the girl.

mura. (spazzy) fangirl. (sm biased.)


choi minho is my favourite boy ever ♥
kim jonghyun is amazing ♥
minkey and jongho are my OTPs ♥
2min is my baby OTP ♥
jongkey has a soft spot in my heart ♥

kim jaejoong is my bias
yoosu and jaeho are spazzable also ♥

~super junior
lee donghae is really cute ♥
kim heechul is who dragged me into the kpop fandom ♥

jessica is my favourite ♥
yoona is really adorable ♥



.my posts.

there are times when i update a lot and spam your inbox with comments and there are also times when i never update nor comment anywhere. but i swear to god im a nice person so feel free to add me :)

contact info.

SHINee international forums: pinkflutterbys
youtube: murachan916


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